Austin Cool Properties-  unique condos,
lofts, apartments, and townhomes
Austin Cool Properties-  unique condos, lofts,
apartments, and townhomes for rent
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We are firm believers at seeing choices in person.  Most
of the time, we find what a person is looking for by
showing them choices, listening to feedback, and then
finding them exactly what they want.  This can't be done
with a list or pictures.  You have to go out and look,
touch and smell in person!  (that picture didn't show the
dumpster out the window)   I can't tell you how many
times we get calls from people saying they rented a unit
from a picture and hate it.

We have requests from time to time for pictures of available units for
rent.  The sad truth is there is no true list of rentals in Austin with
pictures.  (I wish there were, it would make my job a lot easier)  
There are hundreds of rental management and private owners in
Austin, and they do not cooperate on a list.  As strange as it sounds,
most rental vacancies in Austin are communicated verbally with
nothing written down or pictures we can send you.    Anyone who
says they have a list, actually has a limited database of around 40%
of what has been built, but not what is available!  This is pointless,
because 98% of the list is not available.  Don't be fooled by someone
sending you a list of non available units for rent!  Be aware that some
agents will just email a list of non available units just to send
something and appease a persons desire for a "list"  (even though
they are not available for rent)  Also, the picture they send will never
be from the actual unit.

People sometimes ask us to go take pictures.  So we spend a few
hours doing it, then downloading, attaching and emailing, and then
they tell us they can go look a week from next Monday.  (or worse,
don't even bother to respond back)   That is pointless because what
is available changes daily, and half will be gone, but others will pop

Finding a place to live is not like comparing prices of a certain model
Sony camera on the internet  Every unit is different, even at the same
property.  Some will have morning sun, some afternoon, some will
have a view, some not.  Get off that computer and lets go look!!

Please call or email to set up a time for us to show you
around, we would be happy to help you find your perfect
new apartment, condo or loft.
the truth about pictures & rental lists